About Lilla og Mira

Our Why

Lilla og Mira is a wild & free fashion boutique, in Vikersund. We founded this company to create clothes that are not only fashionable, but fun, flowy, and above all else COMFORTABLE. We were sick of feeling like we needed to compromise our own comfort for the sake of fashion, so we got together, and built Lilla og Mira. 


Wild & Free Fashion

Our focus for Lilla og Mira is to empower women to feel wild and free to their truest sense: unapologetically and authentically who they are. 

It's our hope that Lilla og Mira brand and clothing becomes a staple in your wardrobe that encourages your spirit to live playfully, & feel wildly loved and free to be confident with fashionable, fun & comfortable clothing for any occasion.


About the Founders 

Courtney grew up in Australia, and Genna grew up in America, so finding each other in a small countryside in Norway would seem unlikely. When we were introduced, we couldn't believe how quickly we bonded over our shared passion for the outdoors, business, and our love for travel and adventures.

We both share a deep love for Norway and are forever inspired by its nature and beauty. People usually find us running around our farms, paddle boarding, or sipping bubbles on Courtney's patio during the Summer. In the Winter, we are each other's fireside companions, sharing tales of our hometowns and nursing hot cocoa.

We are so excited for you to take this journey with us as we spread the wild and free spirit of Norway's impressive landscape and people.